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"No Justice, No Peace"

:A Solidarity Project


Please feel free to share share! This is for everyone.

Lyrics written and performed by

Ragnar Vallon


Music written, composed and performed by

The Polar Opposites(Ragnar Vallon, Lit McVit & Khenne Mazze) for PCS Music


Additonal vocals written and performed by

Natasha Harinko for PCS Music

Song mixed/mastered by
Kyle Devlin


Video edited and arranged by
Patrick Younger @illashootxr

Live footage captured in Toronto on May 30, 2020
by Patrick Younger @illashootxr

Contains some clips and footage that we do not own.
This video is a tribute to George Floyd and the fight against police brutality!

Images from the Toronto Protest on May 30, 2020 ↓
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