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Eternia, The New Look!

Alright, post number 1... Let's begin with saying that I was honored with the opportunity back in July to photograph Eternia, a Juno nominated artist and MC whom I've known for a few years now. We crossed paths for the first time back in 2007 in Toronto at the Manifesto Festival and have since exchanged positive energy back and forth over the years. This was an opportunity I had been waiting years for, and the I couldn't ask for more in the result.

After meeting up for a day with our team; Kristen Singh as production assistant, Jessica Niomi Kaya as Hair/makeup/wardrobe and myself on the camera. The day was a huge success and ended with a delicious meal at the Gladstone Hotel! Afterwards, I sent a folder of images her way for promo, etc and here's some of what's resulted!!!

Stay tuned for any addtions, RA

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