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Day 1/5 - GO

This image was taken Monday, the night of the Supermoon. This time of the year provides us with some spectacular skyscapes, but 2016 has been especially impressive and Spectacular. Though I didn't get an image of the moon itself... What i did witness the 1st night of it was the largest moon I had ever laid eyes on. I was also lucky enough to have experienced it with the one who completes me. This breathtaking visual experience drew me to gear up my camera for the second night of this moon event. I spent a good 4 hours posted on a bridge over the Gardiner Expressway with a few other photographers until we we eventually became unsure if we would even see anything through the clouds. To be honest, I couldn't take the cold air and decided to venture for other creative shooting on the way home. The reason for that story is this image. This was taken prior to set up... When the clouds were patterned across the sky giving extra dimension to the already epic scenery. Just as I was taking in the view, I heard the horn and the rattling of the tracks and though, perfect. I grabbed out my camera, lined up the shot and captured this image of the GoTrain bolting into the city of Toronto. You can always take in the scenery and smell the flowers.... But always be ready for anything. I will be posting an image and a blog to accompany it each day of this week to bring people inside my journeys of the big city.... Lets GO!

All Rights Reserved, Patrick Younger - Toronto, ON 2016

Patrick RA

#gotrain #toronto #ontario #ra #photographer #creative #director #landscape #trains #explore #adventures

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