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Day 2/5 - Positions of Perspective

Often I find myself breathtaken by so many forms of architecture. I become driven to observe, analyze the details and explore the intricacies of the structures. As a photographer I have a particular connection to elements like line, shape, depth, & dimension. For the second day of this project I wanted to give you a look into how these elements of design have the power to enhance everyday life. From where we walk, to where we look, to where we sit, to where we wait... Inspiration is everywhere for me. I want to take you inside my world of sight, my positions of perspective. I want to take you into every line... Every colour... Every tone... Every detail.. Every story. This image was taken inside the Union Station Pathway (Correct me if I'm wrong). All Rights Reserved, Patrick Younger - Toronto, ON 2016

Patrick RA

#adventures #photographer #creative #ontario #architechture #realability #ra #toronto #depth #art #SYMMETRY #light #natural #ambient

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