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Day 3/5 - Night Runs

The title of this project & image itself are a tribute to the recent Gene One project. "NIGHT RUNS" You can listen HERE For day 3 of this I want to bring it back to the tracks. Growing up, I always had a love for trains both as an artist & a photographer. Living right next to a few train yards definitely influenced me, plus my backyard next to some tracks as well... The sound can be soothing to me to say the least. The shear size of these machines is impressive but its even more crazy when you consider their power, speed and the space it takes to operate & maintain them. The modern design of these go trains is always a poetic contrast with the rustic, classic train tracks, both drawing connecting you straight into the heart of Toronto.

Prints are available for any of my photos, just ask.

This was taken South Dufferin St. by the Gardiner Expressway. All Rights Reserved, Patrick Younger - Toronto, ON. 2016

Patrick RA

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