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Day 4/5 - Calm Compositions

For day 4, I wanted to pull you a little deeper into my perspective... I strive to reach new heights, compose new angles, and create new content for my audience and clients... Sometimes when you look at things you may see or experience every day, from a new perspective it may show you a larger meaning or context. This city has taken on me on many journeys since arriving and I anticipate many more. A lot has happened in my life this past year... From job opportunities, to moving to a new city, to receiving a grant for my business and making much needed changes/improvements to reinventing myself in whole new environment and home. I have learned a lot about myself in the past 4 months as well.. While working to juggle and balance building my career, working, managing my finances, love, music, and of course inspiration. The main thing I know now more then I did, was I need balance. When your life doesn't provide you with this as convenience, you must create it. After transitioning between houses and experiencing a slight hiatus due to falling behind in my client work, so I devised an attack plan and took are of business. Best part of all, I didn't rush a thing. When you rush things you miss things, a quality result takes time. Now, managing that time is important remember. A couple happy clients and planned projects later... I'm back in full effect and writing rhymes again, marketing to both old & new peoples, loving as unconditionally as always and exploring new forms of means to express it to her and all of you, and last but not least I have all new equipment and ready to rock with some serious high quality and dedicated/motivated clients!!!!! So without further ado... I present to you day 4. Please share this post if you are feeling the vibes! Tomorrow... is The Indestructible. All Rights Reserved, Patrick Younger - Toronto, ON. 2016

Patrick RA

#natural #light #toronto #overpass #highway #gardiner #ontario #cntower #height #angle #perspective #longexposure #lowlight #evening #photographer

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