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Day 5/5 - Archiac Architecture

Day 5 has finally arrived! A full week of brand new images!!!! I originally planned to release an image from the Indestructible shoot.... but instead I am going to dedicate all of next week for those. This week I want to end off on a architectural note, to flow with the cityscapes i've been posting this week. This image is of the Arch South of the Gardiner Expressway crossing the Dufferin St bridge. When I saw this I instantly put my stuff down and had to shoot it. The lines, the shape, the framing of the windmill, and of coarse the sky and mood of the scene. I call this, Arch Architecture All Rights Reserved, Patrick Younger - Toronto, ON 2016 NEXT WEEK: THE INDESTRUCTIBLE RA

#TORONTO #bridge #arch #windmill #sunset #gardiner #dufferin #landscape #beautiful #explore #adventure

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