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Bright City Lights

This image was shot on Friday, November 25th 2016.

Toronto has been an incredible journey this past while, and I look forward to countless more adventures! I applied for a grant before moving here, and was awarded it after moving. This changed not only my life, but my business as well. I was able to invest in new gear, administrative, and the business itself. I plan to not only work to grow my business through photography and video but also to apply my skills to other companies, studios, & agencies as well. Look out for a lot more of me in the new year as I plan to continue my growth, don't blink it may happen right in front of your eyes! WWW.PATRICKYOUNGER.COM Follow @RealAbilityRA on INSTA RA

#toronto #lights #sign #cityhall #night #sky #time #glow #canada #ontario #ra #reaability #arhitecture #explore #adventure #downtowns #streets #november

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