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Day 1/5 - The Indestructible Helmet

This week... I present to you The Indestructible This helmet was designed and crafted by Duncan Marshall for the movie THE INDESTRUCTIBLE. We were lucky enough to get our hands on it from the director after having been shown at film festivals internationally for the past while. This Helmet has so much detail, so much texture, so much story. I will expand more on the movie, the comic, the character and some of the people in the scene whom have become connected with the movement! Me being one of them. I am glad I was fortunate enough to direct and shoot a creative shoot like this, especially themed around an actual movie! This..... is day 1. 4 more days and we will end with the main image as I take you through a journey with... THE INDESTRUCTIBLE . All Rights Reserved, Patrick Younger - Toronto, ON 2016 RA

#mask #helmet #theindestructible #moie #porrait

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