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Day 3/5 - Razor Gaze

Designer, Builder & Model: Dunc HD M.

RA Photo & Film.

I really wanted to achieve something unique, powerful and illustrative when shooting with this mask. The helmet itself is fairly large to scale with the movie character so it was an interesting and creative challenge to capture. I quickly adapted and brought some of the ideas I head my head to life. This image itself was made to give personality to the masks identity and with that the nature of it. For some reason when I look at this image I feel MF DOOM vibes, which also may have influenced some of the vision behind this shoot. The name not only reflects the character of the helmet but the story itself to help bring the image together as a whole. I love to work with people, products & places in any kind of setting. I've been known to make something out of nothing. This shoot for instance was all shot with natural light, for the simple reason my PocketWizards were left at home, but that just meant that we use the light we're naturally given.. and the results I feel turned out better in the end anyway! For Day 4 tomorrow I'm thinking of flipping it up and giving you... Just the helmet. Let's see.... RA

#porrait #creative #movie #film #comic #character #helmet #mask #the #indestructible #raw #photographer #sharp #toronto

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