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Day 5/5 - The Indestructible Perspective VS The Indestructible Reflection

The final day.


I wanted to end off strong and drop a double for today. This shoot was a HUGE success and it was probably my most creative on yet in my career. Huge thanks out to Dunc HD M for making it possible by getting the mask from the director! The only thing I want to say about these above to photos..... is It looks lke they were shot in the same location, with him in the same spot, with a simple camera angle switch. When ACTUALLY these are two totally different locations at different parts of the stream. This was shot in the forest valley at Yonge & St. Clair

Look out for more series or even larger scale projects from me in the near future. Contact me for creative shoots, business or commercial portraits, promotional images, headshots, album work, magazine or website content or well.. you name it. RA Photo & Film

#porttrait #creative #theindestructible #toronto #fall #autumn #colours

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