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New Year, New Perspectives

"When Buildings Become Spaceships" RA Photo & Film

I really look forward to what opportunities this year holds and what new goals I can achieve, my main one being to master my camera and my craft. Also to travel for my first time and with the love of my life. By embracing new perspectives I am able to reach this exact goals. I will be working to not only make more each month, but do more as well. Staying in that constant elevation is key. This photo above was shot last week and is from my upcoming series of urban architecture images. I want to bring viewers into how I see the world and what I can offer with it as well!

This one is called "When Buildings Become Spaceships" Contact me for prints, photo, and video inquiries at RA

#ARCHITECTURE #design #visual #photo #image #urban #city #perspective #creative #toronto

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