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Camping in Killarney, Ontario... Bear County.

Well, this past weekend was crazy...

We went camping about 5 hours north in Killarney Provincial Park. The campsite warns of active bears on the campground. Though we did not see a bear, we did see a few cool animals including this 3 legged little chipmunk that would come we'd give it cashew pieces, it was pretty cool.

On top of all that, we saw some REMARKABLE nature, at times at felt like we were inside a Group Of Seven painting!

Here are the main images I conjured up!

Now i'll be onto my images from BARCELONA. After the exclusive showing of 4 of them last week, I'm so pumped to jump in the lab. I also have a 4K video surprise on the way soon too from the Gh5.


#2017 #camping #ontario #beautiful #scenery #landscape #nature #travel #adventureexplore #explore

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