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RA X Stitch in 4K // The rebound

At the start of 2017, I got my hands on a super rare unreleased camera, the Panasonic Lumix Gh5 (It was 1 of 5 bodies in the Country at the time). For those who don't know, this camera is a video camera god. It can shoot up to 4K in 60fps, and even 6K stills (in fast sequence... Really fast sequence.. Making a video). Kind of like approaching film making in itself backwards. These files are HUGE, but still manageable. The camera retails pretty low for what its capable of. I connected with my dude Stitch about shooting some fashion promo stuff downtown, and shortly after I received a response and we were off! We met up on a super cold day after I spent the first hour double checking the locations I had previously scouted, just to make sure lighting and atmosphere was good. We met up and headed out shooting in the Metro Hall/David Pecaut Square area in the sub zero temperatures, but the vibes were good and we were both driven enough to get the dope visuals we did! The curve ball. We posted this video on Youtube a few months ago and it got a HUGE response with great feedback, and almost 3K views! This was a great achievement and we all felt great about it. Then after all was good... Time passed and I received a message from Stitch saying "Yo, where'd the video go?" in which I immediately checked only to see an error message stating "This video is a duplicate of a previously uploaded video, Sorry about that" on the video that now didn't play. Now for the rebound. I hit him back and immediately sent feedback to and reported the problem to Youtube.. Only after looking and looking and looking only to find out that there's no actual customer service, of any sort for things like this. There is an FAQ That you are constantly advised to check out(which I did) that did not help at all. No phone lines, online agents, even a team to respond back to my actual feedback and reporting.. At first we were patient, until almost a month later of reporting the problem and sending feedback almost every day with absolutely zero response lol. Bottom line, don't expect tooo much from them on that end of things aha

We eventually re-uploaded the video again and had to lose all of our views. but fuck it. This is FAR too dope not to be online for everyone! Let's build these views back up. Stitch ranked the top Canadian contender in the the Team Back Pack Cipher Competitions in 2016. It was a pleasure working with him and look forward to our next visual masterpiece. For now... WATCH THE OFFICIAL VIDEO HERE IN 4K- "BEFORE IT'S TOO LATE"

#hiphop #music #fashion #architecture #art #photography #visualra #stitch

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