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2020 - Balance (Domain Back ONLINE)

Ayyye world. it feels good to touch base again. I wanted to write this blog post as a little apology for the inactivity on my blog/page here at for the better of 3 years. Partially to you guys, but more then anything to myself for not taking the time for reflection. Instead of going over the experiences, opportunities, and downfalls I've inevitably encountered in the period of 156 weeks, I'd rather focus on putting my best foot forward and going over what I've done this year, right now, and the what is in store for the for seeable future. As crazy as this year has been for everybody, I think it's key we direct those energies forward. This month I decided to finally put my domain back ONLINE. This decision came with much planning, preparation and of course, patience. Though getting it online was only the first step in reestablishing my websites online presence, since then I've been working on the stages required for the RELAUNCH. With a new year, new energy, new services in the business, new outlooks on life, I needed a site content upgrade too. With this RELAUNCH expect a few things like new elements on the homepage, fresh image content, surprise new menu options, new pages, and of course, NEW BLOG POSTS 🤣 Also on a side note - STAY SAFE & WASH YOUR HANDS. This whole thing is effecting us in so many different ways and it's important to me to come out stronger then when we went in, one way or another. I'm taking the time to stop complaining, invest in myself, learn new skills, and get things DONE. Whenever we do get out, I'll be ready & I hope you are too. ...... Though I do miss photoshoots & squad sessions.

#SELF #photographer #toronto #shoooter #illashootxr #break #time #learning

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