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Achievement Unlocked: Official Drone Pilot (International Pilots Day Tribute)

It's time to welcome to the family my brand new DJI Mavic Mini. I grabbed this drone last week and couldn't be more pleased. I've been meaning to get a drone for a few years now but the money nor time just wasn't there. This month I was finally ready to invest, and wanted something perfect for learning the basis and tool for developing some drone piloting techniques. Being a music video director, and someone actually looking to utilize my drone content for commercial work in the future, 4K is of course my goal... But before I saved up enough for the Mavic Pro 2 I wanted to get my foot in the door to the drone world. I also took the full training course last month and passed my RPAS (remotely piloted aircraft systems) certificate! wooooooot I also last month recently completed my 50th music video project since I started shooting videos 5 years ago and felt I needed something to really take my content to the next level. After doing extensive research across the drone market, the Mavic Mini was the perfect purchase. Though only having 2.7k, It could create content that could be compatible with my D800's 1080p HD footage, even with a huge image sensor! so for right now, it was the ideal drone for me. I placed the order, and a few days later:

I can't wait to share all my new content with you guys and gals from this! keep an eye out for my new video page! SIDENOTE: This post & whole journey is dedicated to my Grandpa, who's an 8 time Canadian Acrobatic Champion & my Dad, who's also an amazing pilot. Below is a video I made for my grandpa for International Pilots Day with a little history and vintage video ;) I've now officially joined the ranks. TRIBUTE VIDEO FOR GERRY YOUNGER

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